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Fang Gang WAR

A multi-universe, multi- year, multi-player Role play

A few years go, at the End of the run of Forever Knight, a few of the list members of the Email list Fang Gang, decided to get back at TPTB in Mary Sue, fan fic form. So true to the tradition of Forever Knight WAR madness, we declared our own mini-WAR, and did a RPG in the Forever Knight universe. We did three of these round robins then as members came and went, we changed our methods and madness to what we currently have here.

As WARriors watched other TV shows, the favorite characters from those shows joined the Beloved characters of Forever Knight. Then we decided to create original characters that functioned in the various universes of the shows we were watching or role-playing.  We decided to put the characters of the various shows in to a setting much like Vampire: The Masquerade, and  created the current universe we are using.

Currently we are in The City of New Jerusalem

holed up in Monique's beautiful Chalet

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